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Okay, I am going to ask the question...

Just purchased a licence is it possible to import existing attachments for all users into a default gallery?


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Thanks @Brogan

Has anyone imported the attachments of Xenforo out to another software and then back into the media gallery?

I started with xenforo abou 2 years back and at the time just imported all my users vbulletin galleries in as attachments.

I could go back to a backup of that stuff and re import but then I would have duplicate content.

Or am I missing something that attachments are for a reason being treated separately to the gallery?


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Thanks @Brogan makes sense.

I guess for most sites pre a media gallery attachments could be anything such as images, documents and files as it was the way the software worked in the past as in it had no separation of media / attachments.

Now there is a media gallery addition to xenforo I would prefer personally all images are in gallery and files / docs are in the attachment store.

Otherwise it gets a bit confusing for simple users!

That said I get there is no option but curious how others have approached this with there forum?

Has anyone disallowed images in the attachments option and only via media gallery and what have others done with existing attachments?

I envisage my users are going to start adding existing attachments to the media gallery manually anyway which is going to duplicate my image store.