XF 2.2 Attachments to a external FTP server


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Hi ,

I need to change the attachments of my forum to a external ftp server .
Wich is the best way ? i see the DO and AWS tutorial but i am searching
a simple ftp storage , a external vps server or something like that .

I see this addon https://xfrocks.com/resources/bd-attachment-store-for-xenforo-2-0.35/
but seems to have some bugs .

Any config code or something easy to do it ?
I need to upload about 3000 pdf´s on my Resource Manager forum .

Theoretically, you can request an add-on for adding FTP support. This add-on should just install a composer package with FTP adapter for Flysystem.
And after, you can use FTP like S3 can be used.
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