attachments container


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is there a modification i can do to make attachments looks better?
1. how can i make more space bitween the 2 attached files?
2. how to increase the widthe of the blue container?

thanks in advance for any help



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hello Borgan

yes i did lot of edits and i cant rember which ones is related to attachments, how can i reset those edits?


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Unless you kept notes, it would be difficult to say.

You will just have to work your way through Style Properties, template edits and EXTRA.css.

The relevant CSS class is: .attachment .boxModelFixer


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Hello Borgan

i was able to rest every thing related to the attachment system style. The only thing i want to know is how to increase the width of the attachments squeers inside the container to make the text inline?



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Add this to EXTRA.css:
.attachment {
width: 49% !important;
That will allow only two attachments in a row.
If you want three, change it to 33%.

If that doesn't work, then you have further edits somewhere which is interfering with it.