Attachment Storage


So I was going to move attachments out of database and define in config file but I realized they were also in external storage.


However, I see attachments in 2 different directories. The bottom one much larger. I assumed that was the migration one during import.

Can I just dump it inside the main one /public_html/forums/data/attachments

or do I need to point it in the config. Not sure why I need to point it if its already outside of the DB



What do you mean by "move attachments out of database"? What are you trying to achieve?
in vbulletin by default attachments are stored in the DB blowing your db size up. To reduce your db size, you move your attachments to a storage location and set a path.

It appears XF sets them outside of db from the start but in my case because of the migration, I have 2 storage locations. Was wondering how I could merge them together into 1 storage area.