Attaching video files does not work?


Hi everyone,

I am having problems attaching video files to threads. I have set permissions to allow users to attach video files but they wont attach. I can select and upload a video but when the progress bar reaches 100% nothing happens after that.

The video file was an Mp4 at around 30mb. I am using the latest version of Xenforo and Opera internet browser. I was able to attach images successfully in a test.

Can anyone advise?


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Are you on shared hosting or a VPS?
Do you have access to the php.ini file on your server?

You will most likely need to increase the php max upload size and possibly php max post size.


I'm on shared hosting and have located the php.ini file but I don't see anything about file size limits.

The only thing it says is something about ioncube loader and zend optimizer...