As per my words I have purchased forum with my real name pulkit need help

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As per my words which i had told that i would be buying software on or around 24 feb..since now i have purchased the software..i will need help...
only reason i purchased the software was its customer support...even in near future i plan for more..if i get successful with this forum which i know i will be successful.
so since now i have purchased software someone guide me what i have to do next..i cannot download it untill i provide link and domain name..domain name i have ...but i haven't got hosting plan as if till now...can anyone give me complete video of step by step procedure of installation, hosting and all

thanks and regards
pulkit thakur
alias name : garry


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Don't do anything until you purchase a hosting plan.
After that you play with the control panel a little.
Upload an image through the CP and try to see it on the Web.
Get Filezilla and upload, delete files on your site.
When everything is working well download XF, unzip it and upload it to your site, install it.
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