Article Repository

I am probably 1 of a few that use the current vbcms with any level of frequency. In fact it is the main part of my site. Therefore I have to suggest at least an article repository (as that is all the vbcms really is) in xenforo and an importer for vb 4.x.

It is clear that the current focus is on the base forum functionality. I just thought it would be important to get an official request for this. Hopefully it can get some "likes" so it will get added to the xenforo roadmap (and give some vbcms users light at the end of the tunnel).


A CMS is definitely on the roadmap, the devs just need to finish the forum [ie the framework] first as the base product.

Chris M

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There will probably be modifications made to cover all aspects of community softwares like a gallery etc.

What exactly do you define as an article?
In my opinion, an article repository is what the current vbcms provides. I was hoping to suggest that to the xenforo team in order to be able to change from vbulletin sooner than waiting for an entire CMS to be developed. Probably wishful dreaming but hey, this is a suggestion forum. :)