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Article Forums


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Can someone make an add-on for Xenforo like they have at vBulletin.org?

The add-on i'm looking for specifically is This one. :) Thanks!


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Giz someone was saying they were doing an article manager but not sure if it was that one.


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This has been discussed before as a way to make XF Pages act as a bloglike forum.

Mod needs to work like this.

1. Create forum, option to create linked Page.
Or vice versa.

2. The two auto same title. Page title = TITLE Forum title = TITLE Comments.

3. Child Pages or linked Pages can be added. They are auto named TITLE_2 TITLE_3 but can be manually renamed. This adds a "More ..." link at the top + bottom of previous Page.
If more forums are added they are auto named TITLE_Comments 2, but can be manually renamed.

4. A link to the Comment forum auto appears top and bottom of the Page.

5. A link to the Page auto appears top and bottom of the linkled forum/s.
This should be centred or otherwise prominent.

6. Page has box for snippet text (option)
which can appear together with the link top bottom of forum/s.

All of which would be much easier to manage if Pages could have a WYSWYG editor.
Still there's the Wordpress bridge - WP Pages do WYSWYG or html. The drawback with WP Pages is that WP Pages don't integrate with the forum hierarchy. They do have Comments though.


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I was about to suggest the vb.org-mod-of-the-month-winning "Article Forums" feature before finding this topic using the search feature. I have this feature installed on my vB3, and "Articles" is one of only four links included on my menu for guests, as I want to showcase some content. I wonder how all the articles and comments from my articles forum would transfer over if I did a conversion to xenForo right now, and I also wonder if I would just start a regular forum titled "Articles" and include a link to it on the menu. The problem I see with this is all the categories, which were created by making sub-forums for the "Articles" forum. I guess I would have to settle with adding the category in brackets before the title of each article.


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As several months have passed now, I wonder if anyone is familiar with an add-on for xenForo more like vBulletin3's "Articles" forum, or if the portal is still the closest there is to that?