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Are you holding off launching a site, due to the lawsuit?

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I've always had issues with procrastination, I bought a XF license a month or so ago, but still haven't launched the site.

I can't get the lawsuit out of my mind whenever I think about launching the site

There's so many unknowns, plus development here has stopped entirely and has been that way for months.

I love Xenforo, but I just feel so unsure about the product these days, does anyone else feel the same?

Digital Doctor

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Not sure about your rationale for not launching the site, especially since you already about XF.
Even if Xenforo went belly up today ... Xenforo will be used for many years to come.


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Yea but if there's no updates, there's no point in using the product
I wouldn't want to launch a site now, then have to convert to another platform in a few months time, ya know?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member

We trust that software purchasers understand the risks of infringement of copyright law and act accordingly. We have requested that Kier, Mike and Ashley refrain from selling the software while the issues, inclusive of our infringement claims, are heard in the courts. We intend to pursue our rights broadly and vigorously.
We consider Kier and Mike to be talented developers, but ones who potentially fail to grasp the implications of their actions.
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