Are there any Xenforo styles that have a matching Wordpress style ?

Digital Doctor

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Xenforo seems to have more and more styles in the RM.
An unfilled style niche is a Xenforo style that has a matching Wordpress style.
Ideally a few style makers will fill this need. If you do, please reply with a link in this thread.

Note: the Wordpress style doesn't have to be custom ... it could just be a tweaked version of a free Style.

Another idea might be to develop a paid version of XenDynamic.

TheSabreSlicer said:
I don't know if you remember the old thread of XenDynamic, the addon that would wrap a XF theme to WP. I tried using it today, but no go.
@Sage Knight might be able to help.

As stupid as I am, I used the XenDynamic addon from the archives. It doesn't quite work with WP 3.5.1 - naturally. There's the ereg problem (easy enough to deal with), but WP loses its CSS when I use the theme.

Any advice on dealing with that? I'm a complete newb to all this, and I have no idea of how much has changed in XF or WP since then, but would it be even remotely possible for a newb like me to update the addon/theme? Would it be even worth my time? Should I rather try to re-create my XF theme in WP?

Or let me rephrase, what's the shortest path to look-alike themes in both WP and XF?

Sage Knight

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I just want to add, it's really simple to have a matching header/nav & footer, plus it's a lot easier to make your Wordpress style match your forums than the other way around.