are links posted by trusted members are dofollow?


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I want to start a forum. And I am thinking to start with discource or xenforo.

But I don't know if there's any feature in xenforo which lets trusted users to post dofollow links.

I want to know because of these two factors.

The below screenshot is from discource forum. And he contacted Matt Cutts and he says this. So, I think it will be good in the long term.


Do xenforo provides settings like this for trusted members


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There is this for xf1

There must be or hopefully will soon be something for xf2

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It would be semi-manual, in that you'd manually add the user to a group with permissions that their links are not nofollow.

Currently that does happen with staff, (but there is an add-on that can over-ride that)


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I think it's more sort of manual process
Not necessarily, you can use User Group Promotions (for "trust" levels) to change user groups with the following qualifiers:

User has posted at least X messages
User has posted no more than X messages
User has submitted at least X resources
User has added at least X media items
User has created at least X albums
User has received a reaction score of at least X
User reaction score to messages ratio is at least (A user with 10 messages and reaction score of 5 will have a ratio of 0.5.)
User has at least X trophy points
User has been registered for at least X days
User has not visited for at least X days

You would of course need that add-on updated to apply to the group(s) promoted to.
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I think it's more sort of manual process
hey so with xenforo you have the ability to limit certain abilities to users you trust where only certain user group is allowed to post answers i have use discourse and i must say its good on weekly email and ai but when it comes to management and scalability xenforo should be your first option.. we have new plugins and the community is growing every day.