Apply any username classes to the link rather than the nested span


At the minute, any username styling classes (username--staff, username--moderator, username--admin, username--banned and any username--style[X]) are applied to a <span> within the link:

<a href="/members/admin.1/" class="username ">
    <span class="username--style3 username--staff username--moderator username--admin">Admin</span>

This means that if you want to change the colour of these usernames, the text will change but any text-decoration applied by the link will not, resulting in something like this:

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 21.19.51GMT.png

If the classes were instead added to the link (wherever the username is a link), users would be able to style the text-decoration as well, and it would allow you to remove an otherwise redundant <span>

<a href="/members/admin.1/" class="username username--style3 username--staff username--moderator username--admin">Admin</a>
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