Apple now the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung checks in at number two


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We make our own truth. That's how IDC can come up with roughly the same numbers as fellow research firm Canalys and crown Apple the king, when its rival called Android top dog -- it's all about how you slice it. See, where as Canalys bundled all Android handset makers together, IDC has broken them up, which leads to a rather interesting twist -- the largest smartphone maker in the world is now Apple. Cupertino's growth of 141.7-percent in shipments year over year was enough to push it past Nokia (which slipped to number three) and Samsung (which climbed two spots to take the silver medal), while RIM and HTC rounded out the top five. That being said, no one is running away with the lead here, and Sammy's continued stratospheric rise should keep Apple on guard. Check out the full report after the break.


It's great news for Samsung going from 3% to 17%

That said, Samsung makes 500 different phones and sell every possible operating system, including their own custom one. Windows, Android, well, and I guess there's even a RIM model out there somewhere.

Apple has "1" iPhone with one OS on it. Well, maybe two, if you count that 3gs is still on sale.

I find it amazing to see stock stats for one company saying "record sales" to go from 45 down to 24. Where Apple hit 400 twice in after trade hours, and went from 125 to 375 ..