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Apple iOS 10 Emoji Pack - Every single Emoji from iOS 10

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A huge pack of all Apple iOS 10 Emoji's 200+ smilies in 4 categories!

  • All Apple iOS 10 Emoji's included
  • Smilies are grouped into 4 categories: Animals, Emoji Faces, Hand Signs & People
  • All Emoji's have been in Photoshopped, reduced in size to 32x32 Pixels
  1. Download "Apple" archive and unpack it somewhere...
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Apple has released their emoji sets? :unsure:
Seems that the OP thought they could copy the disclaimer from the gamepad set that I posted and apply it to these.. :rolleyes: I've now updated that release to reflect *exactly* where those images came from, as well as the license that I refer to.

I seriously doubt that these were published under such a license (and have reported as such)! The nearest I could find was this which has a zip attached, but does not contain the entire set. Inside the zip is a legal notice:
Apple said:
By using any of the images included in this zipped file, you agree that the use is personal or editorial and non-commercial. The images cannot be altered or modified in any way, in whole or in part, that disparages Apple.
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This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.

It seems that I got it wrong, so have done the best thing. My apologies.