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Ao Kaizoku: Anime and Manga Community

Discussion in 'Forum Showcase and Critiques' started by Roronoa Zoro, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    I have recently moved forum from mybb to Xenforo and loving it

    I bought a theme and still editing and customizing my forum so it's still a work in progress at the moment. Hopefully I can get some feedbacks on how it looks and how to improve it.

    My forum is basically for those who enjoy everything related to Anime and everyone is more than welcome to join.

    Please check it out and give your feedbacks below.

    My forum: http://www.aokaizoku.com/forums/
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  2. Ingenious

    Ingenious Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit confused unless I have caught this mid-update.

    This is part of your site which looks awesome:

    Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 17.16.19.png

    And this is your forum section, which is totally opposite in terms of colour, has no anime related graphics anywhere and is totally different styling:

    Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 17.17.04.png

    I think you should style your forum like your main site. Consistency (and it looks better) :)
  3. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    Thank you and yes we are working on a background and a banner at the moment, I was really hoping Xenforo would have a theme bridge where you would be able to have both the forum and website have the same background.
  4. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    If you need any help with your style let me know @Roronoa Zoro our core style is really customizable and can match your home page really quick.

    PM me if you need any help.
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  5. Drew Turnbow

    Drew Turnbow Member

    The anime theme part of your site (when you click on the homepage) looks amazing!

    I agree with the poster above, once you get your forum to match it better you'll have a much more appealing website.
  6. Hana

    Hana Member

    Not like anime and manga forums last long anyway, to be honest. My experience with being a moderator and administrator of a few have ended horribly.

    I do like the changes you made though. I do wish you luck with this site.
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  7. Optic

    Optic Well-Known Member

    Looking good, nice to see another anime community. We need more of these around. (y)
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  8. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    That's really nice of you to say that. Not.
  9. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    Thanks, I noticed not many of these community are in the xenforo community, so I just added another :)
  10. ggace

    ggace Active Member

    To be realistic (& note I have NO affiliation with Roronoa or their forum), the common denominator was YOU. :ROFLMAO:

    I know a few very successful anime/manga sites. Some of which started off in similar fashion & now charge subscriptions around $5 a piece. Go ahead & multiply that by their 1.2 million members & well... You do the math.

    Rather than posting your poor experience, why not list what you could have done better to ensure the success of other admins or sites?

    I LOVE criticism be it positive or negative but if negative, lend suggestions. Don't just be a waste of forum space. Please.....

    @Roronoa Zoro - If I may, the theme is looking better. I would love to see a few more color alterations to bring together the background with your icons. The theme has a nice layout but stands out still form the rest of the site.

    One LARGE suggestion you should really look into - Your terms & rules should include all rights to the companies who own the potential intellectual properties that will be posted on both your site & forum. Save yourself from a lawsuit if you can!

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  11. Sheratan

    Sheratan Well-Known Member


    Care to give us some guide about this, or maybe an example?
  12. ggace

    ggace Active Member

    Unfortunately I am not a lawyer (sort of wish I made that kind of money) so my examples may not be 100% of what you want or need. Long story short, you need to make a claim that the ORIGINAL content on your website belongs to you. The audio, video, imagery, & content that is not original is Trademarked by the appropriate sites (Like Naruto to "VIZ").

    Although you are redistributing content, it needs to be clear that you are a fansite & by no means are you attempting to encroach on the business set in motion by the primary owners of the anime/manga in which you supply.

    Google a few manga & anime sites. Take a peak at their terms of service. Many people pay a LOT of money to have a legal document like that generated for them so not to be slapped in the face with a summons later on in life when they do get popular. Yikes!
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2014
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  13. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    I don't have it on my forum at the moment, but if you look at my site you can see a section called copyright center. There you will find everything you need to know about the site and forum.
  14. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    I have been working on it. Care to give another look at both sites and tell me what you think? I tried to match both styles and make it look the same.
  15. Optic

    Optic Well-Known Member

    Your main website matches nicely with your forum now!

    One minor thing, maybe consider changing the font on your main website/news articles to match your forum font (Open Sans?) May help to make it more seamless.

    Think I'll end up joining. :)
  16. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    Thank you for your suggestion! I will sure to do that. Also thanks for joining! :)

    Any other critiques people would like to offer?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 12, 2014
  17. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    Any other critiques people would like to offer?
  18. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    You may want to alter the current forum image to remove the white space... That block of white looks a bit distracting on your forum...
  19. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    I have tried, but it looks like the space gets on top if I remove it from the bottom.
  20. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Member

    Additional critiques are appreciated! Thanks for everyone who have given one!

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