anyone using invision 3.1.x and somehow got xenforo to import database?


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If by any change you have a VBulletin License, you can import IPB into VB and then import VB into XF.
I am setting up my site currently and will be migrating via Vbulletin around next month.

Jake Bunce

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If you have a vB license then you can go the ImpEx route, using vB as an intermediate to get to xF. Otherwise I imagine that a direct IPB importer will eventually be added.

Jake Bunce

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Lot of people are selling VB licenses for 90-100 bucks, buy one migrate and sell it off after 3 months ;)
Actually the vB transfer policy was changed. You can only transfer a license one time, ever. So second hand licenses cannot be transferred again.


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I have a vb 4 license and am currently running IPB 3.1.2. I think I am going to wait until there's an importer (which hopefully will be by Gold) so I don't have the 2 step process. I have to figure out a front page/video gallery solution first anyway...

Keep us posted if you do get the double import thing to work.