Anyone use unreal 4 for game design


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I'm just learning it, omg it's amazing, and it's free

I didn't know how easy it was to create things through engines

I used to do things in Flash (small games), but this is a whole new level of game designing!

I'm looking at just creating a small test game to begin with, I didn't want to spend lots of money on character design software, but I think Maya might be the one most people use (I want great looking characters, not sure what to use for that part yet), I'm broke right now, not sure it's a good idea to spend the $100s on software I can get at a latter date
UE4 is pretty incredible. I don't know how the wizards at Epic Games did it, but the Unreal Tournament pre-alpha, which runs on the latest version of the engine, can run at medium / high settings on my low-end i3 laptop. That's some pretty hardcore optimisation.


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Even the engine it's self , I've started creating a computer game on my laptop, you can port to just about anything (mobiles/xbox/mac/pc....)

Not only does it compile fast, it's looks amazing, within 2 days I have 3 camera views, a hilly scene (that is vast, and that's just their default 100 x 100 x 100.... wich takes about 15 minutes to wall around to give you and idea of size) and am able to walk around, zoom in zoom out, pan and have a little river flowing by.

I think the animation and charter creating will be a little harder (which seems most people use Maya) but the core was so easy to design with, their blue prints and compile to c++ is fantastic. Never before now did I think indy games could really compete, this is a tool that revolutionises indy games like never before
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