Anyone use OpenX and get hit with Malicious Code


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Got 3 of my sites flagged in Google as malicious now I have to wait for a manual review to get that removed.

If you are using OpenX, I would recommend upgrading to the latest version immediately and checking your banners to make sure nothing was inputted improperly.


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OpenX is mostly developing their paid products. I'd not try out their free products any more. Doubleclick is very secure and I like it.


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I'm using Open X and I'm really sick of it, not just the security, but I get bugs like I can't update ads because of missing plugins (it needs plugins just to run basic features). The support forums are ..well you can't even call it support.

Is DoubleClick basically the same thing? Does it have all the options like zones etc? Does it have a free version? Downsides? It's the first time I hear about this solution...


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DFP is free. Google it for your heart content. I was like you and spent days/weeks to read and wrap my head about it but I'm able to do everything I used to do with openX.
One less thing to install on my server and to worry about updates/bugs.

You can create as many locations to serve ads on your site as you want and can combine/filter them.


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Google Doubleclick for Publishers is free up to around 80 million page views per month. You can have zones there, it is called custom targeting.

Brandon Sheley

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I've used openX for years on client sites and never had any problem adding banners or updating..
I'll make sure to update all instances or openX that I have access to, do you have more info on the "bugs" or code that is being inserted?



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Can my clients login to DFP and change their banners or do I need to do it for them?! That is one nice feature I really like about OpenX!

But I am also looking for another solution.