Anyone know how to install Mumble?


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The program? It's pretty simple... Just download it, run the exe, add your server info and get going. Dunno about setting up an actual Mumble server.


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Setting up the server is just a matter of setting up the config file, picking a port, and installing it. Obviously there is differences in setting up the server on a windows machine vs a linux machine but it is not too difficult, it just needs some time and the ability to follow instructions (as well as the obvious server access).
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Tracy Perry

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It should be a simple matter of installing for the flavor of your OS, configuring it (haven't looked at it, but it is probably fairly easy) and then opening the port up in iptables for communications.
I think I'll try it on one of my play servers here at the house. Will update once I get it done (right now I'm back to some major volunteer IT work at the local Dr. office again).