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Anyone Have The Skills to Import My SMF Tags ??

Im seriously contemplating a move to Xenforo now. Still not 100% certain but It has to be better than smf.

Can anyone import my smf tags into the Xenfor tags ?? And what sort of price would be charged ??


Well-known member
There is no official importing service from what I know. You'll need to get in touch with non-offical people who are good in converting like @Slavik or @Claudio or even @RoldanLT. But if your forum is not extremely large, you can just make use of the default importer that comes with XenForo (can be found under Tools > Import External Data).
Hi guys, I feel I could handle the import. Its the tags I need help with. The tagging is very important to how my site has been set up with lots of internal links pointing to various tags.