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Anyone familiar with setting up Adobe Flash Media Server 4?


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I have a bunch of questions and need some help. If someone experienced with this has some time...please private message me.

I have setup the server but am having problems accessing the admin panel thought it looks like the daemon is up.

Also might be a dumb question but...it has the option when you run the installer to also include apache...my inclination is that since I already have it on my box that I do not need to include it...Is this right?.


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update in case anyone is actually looking at this...

I have setup adobe flash media server and have connected to the server with adobe flash media live encoder and can stream with no errors, problem is I have no clue where it is streaming to now ...WTF. Anyone have an idea of how I can figure out what the hell i did wrong (or right without knowing it).


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I believe I have a conflicting port issue. The only thing I can't do is view the stream....mostly because I cannot get to the address because of again what I think is a port issue.
AFMS panel stats.png


<sigh>.....I just don't get it