Anyone else watching e3 live?


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*wait's for Nintendo's E3 conference* ^-^

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Well...Actually, I'd like to know what happened to Master Chief...
I would too, but I'm not looking forward to it. Microsoft and 343i will probably kill the series for me, so I'm going to stick with Reach and that will likely be the end of it for me.

Bungie not at the helm is going to result in the series itself falling to the wayside in terms of quality; already starting to see it, and seeing Microsoft wanting to release a Halo game every year to try and compete with Call of Duty is just ridiculous. They're in it purely for the money now, and that's not something I'm looking forward to seeing.

Looking forward to Gears of War 3 though. :cool:


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I made it a point to wake up really early today. I own and run a Modern Warfare 3 Blog called mw3blog.

I spent all day today writing two articles at two separate times, and all day not only looking for news, but also advertising the site's news, and straight up marketing.

I was expecting more from Microsoft. Most of it didn't really appeal to me.

I watched the EA conference, and the UbiSoft confrence. The battlefield 3 stuff is awesome, great graphics, great animation, and great environments. But I think the game has too much emphasis on explosions. I just think the game is a grittier version of battlefield games that I already played. BF1943/BFBC2. UbiSoft was clever using each section like a 8bit slide. But the conference itself was meh, the only games that remotely interested me is ACreed, GhostRecon, and this "Canyon" game.

I was cooking when the Sony conference started, so I went into it late. :(


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battlefield 3 is the highlight of e3 for me, just seeing the graphic just gives u the chill how realistic it looks


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Nintendo's presentation on the WiiU has left me, and judging by statements by gamers and game developers on Twitter and Facebook, thoroughly confused. :confused:


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Microsoft: Gears of War, Kinect, Kinect, Kinect... Halo 4
Sony: Games, Games, Vita, Vita Games, Vita Games... More Games
Nintendo: Nothing, Nothing, Remakes, Wii U CONTROLLER... Video of games on OTHER consoles

Anyone who doesn't think Sony had the best conference is drinking the kool-aid. I saw the trending tweets and people were like "omg! Nintendo won this, blown away!". With what? They showed nothing! They showed a controller, with a feature that already exists currently with the PSP/PS3 and was lightly talked about with the PSV/PS3 yesterday. They didn't actually show any real games, and the video reel at the end were videos of games on OTHER CONSOLES!


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AWESOMMMMEEEE... I approve of the Wii U. xD. Seems interesting to me.

Also... boo... Low amount of information on Skyward Sword... However... FREAKING FLYING TRAVEL. BIRDS! <3 I want to fly around aimlessly xD

Although I agree their conference was a bit bad... But OMFG... LUIGI'S MANSION 2! <3 More Luigi based games, please! XD. Also Super Mario 3D, Starfox 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, etc. Wheeeee


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I just want a new console-based Pokémon game, durn it. :cautious: lol I got excited when they started talking about it...but I already knew about Pokédex 3D (because it's already out), so that was a bummer. :p

Reserving judgments on the WiiU until we see more (and I'm not someone to get into a tizzy over game speculation anyway...since I'm not much of a gamer, haha).