Anyone else launching, relaunching, converting tonight?


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I am not sure whether to cry or be happy that I will actually get some work done on the site. But after midnight tonight the vB install gets its last backup as we say good bye to it forever.

We chose the New Year not only as a new beginning but it just happens to be the communities anniversary date now 6 years in. While it would seem like an occasion to celebrate the truth is the site isn't ready. Plans started 6 months ago and ended with both theme and banner artists not coming through with our vision. Following with me wasting plenty of time doing it myself and or nothing. Resulting in none of our custom plugins making the launch day.

The important bits are mostly cosmetic which means unlike say Battlefield 4 everything will actually work. But it also sucks that in hindsight we could have converted for the BF4 launch instead with as little as was done. Honestly probably won't showcase it until the end of January I mean after it should look good right?

Anyone else joining us? Its going to be a long night!