Anybody wanna watch a bad movie...

Would you try netflix if you didn't have to use your credit card to use your free trial.

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Do you have xbox live, do you feel like watching bad movies and cracking jokes on them while they play with up to 3 other people watching with you...

I called Netflix...I wanted to verify a few points with them I had interests in...basically it boils down to this... I can without risking my account with Netflix invite 3 people to view my streams by registering their device to my account as per them on a phone call..."they are your pay for what you gotta do sir."...nice

I can register and delete devices as I see fit but only 6 at a time with only 4 allowed simultaneous viewing.

I suggest Xbox360 users for this reason...the playback is synced (If I pause your paused) when someone joins your neflix-xbox live party - live audio chat - an awesome movie theater looking playback room is an option for that which shrinks the screen but is awesome in its own right watching your little xbox avatar run and sit down in a seat.

I can't allow computers to use it as I would have to give you my password and that's not happening...
Wii, PS3, iPhones and Netflix Ready TV's and devices work but for the first two at least you need a disc and you would need to find one of those or call netflix and request one.

So yeah, If you have xbox live and netflix or want to try it out or just want to totally bash crap movies with me as I try to compile my own bin of reviews on everything including random craptastic movies and some good ones too ...Holler at your boy and BYOP (Bring Your Own Popcorn)(<--That's mine) The first one's free ...If you like the service after that, get it, it's basically on demand video for 8 dollars a month and it also comes with dvd's mailed out to your home from your online queue if you add movies to it (which you don't have to), I am thinking of canceling my cable subscription :)

If your interested in seeing what I'm making a fuss about contact me however you can and prepare to be wowed by their most recent of upgrades to their site...

And of course feel free to discuss any movies here that you like...good or bad.

I may relax and watch one right now. I let you know how it was...