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Any Verizon customers?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by -GR-, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    I have been with ATT for years now but we recently moved to a new place at the end of the summer and our cell reception just flat out sucks. We have comcast for our cable and internet and we went with the triple play to get the home phone service because of the crappy cell reception.

    So now we have been debating going with Verizon. My current phone is a Nokia N900 which I love but doesn't support 3g speed with ATT and the only carrier it will is Tmobile and they are out of the question. So I guess we will be getting new phones too. Will definitely be getting an android device and I think we have them narrowed down to the Droid X and the HTC Incredible. I don't know if I can get over the size of the X though.

    Just want to see if there are many Verizon customers on here and how you like their service, and customer service. ATT customer service seems to be getting worse.
  2. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    I'm with At&T and love them. I have been with both verizon and sprint and liked neither. Customer service for me with ATT has been phenomenal.
  3. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    If Att had better coverage at our new place we would stay with them. We called to find out if they had any network upgrades for our area in the near future and they said no. I hate to switch but we need better service here at the house.
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    I have been with Verizon for the last 10 years. Coverage is great and the few places that coverage isn't great I have had enough signal for calls, but not surfing.. I live in New Hampshire and even in Vermont and up state Maine I have signal.

    I have the original Droid and would move to the Droid X if my Droid won't rooted and running a custom ROM, which in my opinion blows the Droid X away, so I would be 'downgrading' if I moved at this point.

    Their prices are a bit higher than anyone else's but I look at it with the same view I do as my hosting for my sites.. I would rather pay a little extra for a great service than get a hit or miss service for cheaper money.

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  5. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    I gotta check in to it for sure but I think we get an 18% discount with Verizon from where my wife works. I just want to make sure because our bill with verizon would be a little more expensive but with the discount it would actually make it a little cheaper. Although it isn't comparing apples to apples either.

    Right now with att we only have data on my phone for $10 a month which is because they still have me down as having a razr. With the verizon plan I would have the $30 a month data plan and my wife would have the $15 data plan.
  6. steven s

    steven s Well-Known Member

    Not sure how long I've been with Verizon, but I know I had Bell Atlantic a few years before that.
    I've been very happy with Verizon. Great coverage. Customer support is OK. Not as good as it was when it was Bell Atlantic, but I rarely need to call for support.
    I have an unlimited data plan and probably should lower it. But once I change it there is no going back.
    I too have a Droid.
  7. Chimpie

    Chimpie Well-Known Member

    Verizon has a Network Extender. It works with your broadband connection. It's like a mini cell tower in your home. You may want to see if AT&T has something like that.
  8. jmurrayhead

    jmurrayhead Well-Known Member

    When my contract is up with AT&T in June, I'm switching BACK to Verizon. Hopefully that tells you something :) By the way, my friend has the HTC Incredible and it truly is...incredible :D
  9. Robert F Schmitz

    Robert F Schmitz Well-Known Member

    I had Verizon for over 7 years. Never had any issues really. In the end though, I found for our needs, the prepaid options to be much less costly. The kids are on Virgin and have 1200 minutes, unlimited txt and internet and the wife and I are on T-mobile's $15/mo umltd txt'g and $30/mo 1500 min. call/txt 30mb internet. Overall, we save about $50 a month over my Verizon phones. I have heard good things about Walmart's Family plan, no contract and run through T-mobile.
  10. Sadik B

    Sadik B Well-Known Member

    I am not in US, so obviously I don't have Verizon :)

    However i have HTC incredible from Verizon (hacked for my network here in India) and the set is absolutely great... I would choose incredible over Droid X anyday, specially since it's got a 8 Mpx camera and picture quality is terrific.
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  11. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    I love Verizon. I live in a "valley" (I'm from Pittsburgh, PA, which is basically in the middle of mountains) and had AT&T before (well, my mother did) and the only place I got Cell reception was in the attic of my house, hanging out the window. Verizon works basically anywhere I go. And I've only not had 3G coverage on long trips down the eastern sea-board when there isn't much around. Other than that, never been not able to get signal for calls (texts are a different story).
  12. jmurrayhead

    jmurrayhead Well-Known Member

    I drive through that area often...I can attest to the lack of service from AT&T.
  13. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    I live in south central PA. About 20 minutes south of Harrisburg. ATT used to be really good for us but over the last year or so it has been getting worse and now that we moved you can't even hold a 5 minute conversation without getting disconnected.
  14. Rudy

    Rudy Well-Known Member

    I can vouch for AT&T's poor cell service in the southeastern Michigan area: I have never had it, but we had someone living with us for a couple of years, and she could rarely hold a call at the house, and had constant dropped calls anywhere else she went, even with a different phone. I had Nextel, which merged into Sprint, for ten years, but dumped them when I went to upgrade from my trusty old Nextel phone to a smartphone, and they would not give any kind of loyalty deal. See ya!

    Went with Verizon. I can't complain about the reception: I have rarely if ever dropped a call. The only place I could not get a signal was in my Monday evening Systems Analysis class at school, because it was a computer lab and they had a huge network cabinet in the corner that put out all sorts of EMI.

    What I can complain about is the price. My better half has a Samsung Rogue (a piece of crap phone BTW), and you are forced to get a data plan in order to get the phone. She wanted it mainly for phone calls and an occasional text message. Their $15/month data plan does not even include text messages--you have to spend another $5 for that. And the data plan is only 25MB/month IIRC. Basically you could only visit one text-based site per day in order to not go over the limit. She tried poking around the Rhapsody music service one evening, and racked up a few megabytes in about 20 minutes. In short, their $15/month plan is totally useless. The Rogue won't even use Google Voice directly so you can't bypass Verizon's text service on that particular phone.

    My Moto Droid has the $30/month data plan, and when I'm away from the house (where the Droid uses WiFi), I'm using it often. 3G speeds are good enough for my needs, although a quicker refresh on Google Maps would be assisted with 4G. My Droid is also rooted with a custom ROM (Chevy's "Simply Stunning" 4.8) and a few other customizations. When we had an issue with our cable internet provider, I still had to submit homework...I ended up tethering the Droid via USB. It works right away with Windows 7, so it was an easy setup. I limited time on the tether, so I would not get busted for abnormally high use on my "unlimited" data plan (rolls eyes). My texts are unlimited as I use Google Voice exclusively, and even have this handling voice mail. Works really slick, and I never have to give out my "real" number.

    So I'd give Verizon 5/5 stars for service quality, but maybe 2/5 for nickel and diming their subscribers. I have no loyalty with Verizon, but on the other hand, with Sprint not dealing and AT&T's poor service, that really leaves no other quality competition in our area. They need to bring their rates down, plain and simple. Even if competition is not as good, you can get similar plans for about $50 total.
  15. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it sucks. Its the only reason I don't have an iPhone in my hand today.
  16. jmurrayhead

    jmurrayhead Well-Known Member

    I have the iPhone...and I really loved it...but now that I've seen my friend's HTC Incredible (which has an app that allows you to play your iTunes songs on it), I'm ready to switch.
  17. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    Eh, I'm an apple "fan boy" in a sense. Where I do think that the iPhone is an amazing phone (I have yet to find one that I like just as much, but my Motorola Droid is in a close second), but I'm not such a fan boy that I will preach they don't do wrong. Where are you from that you drive through Pittsburgh often?
  18. jmurrayhead

    jmurrayhead Well-Known Member

    I live near DC now, but all my family is in Michigan. I don't actually drive through Pittsburgh, but right around it on I-76.

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