Any PHP and/or Xenforo developers that can volunteer for a charity?


I realise it is cheeky, but we really need help. We are a charity for adults on the spectrum.
Any developers that are secretly autistic or want to give some time and skill?
PM if you don't want to go not public


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Just developers or some team who is able to do maintenance, support and provide web hosting?


Oh, hello Claudio.
We are a new charity and trying to take off, so we basically walk before we can run. In the medium term. i.e. 6-12 months we will need a team and hosting plus maintenance and will be funded for that. But immediately right now we need to establish web presence first.

Right now we need help integrating and customising WordPress, Xenforo and Wiki. We started with 'bare hands', but there are so many error messages, we need a pro to sort it out. Could you help?
Do you propose to offer free or discounted maintenance and hosting on the ongoing basis?