Any interest in running photography forum?


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Last couple of months (since the launch of XF) I am running a photography forum (on XF) for a particular brand and we are growing slowly but steadily without any kind of promotion. But due to my work schedule, I am unable to give as much attention as I would like to develop the site and I don't see it changing for next couple of quarters. Site has around ~110 members with 2000+ posts

So, I would like to see if there is any interest from "well known" forum admins here in partnering or administrating the site. If there is any genuine interest from an experienced forum admin to take over the site, I may consider that as well.


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I'd love to be part of it if you could share the link, not sure about administering it as I don't have enough knowledge on photography yet or free time.

Sir nick

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I was going to start one ( but never did have any time to get it all going. Currently I do and don't have much time to do everything over. As i forgot to pay my host bill and my site went with the month :(. So I'd be interested in moderating/administrating the board for you if you'd like. If you'd like any information just reply back or drop me a conversation :)


I have been running a photography forum on XF since it became available. It is geared to coaxing quality photography out of amateurs and semi-pros. We went great guns to 55 members, then stalled. Take a look and see what you think.

You didn't mention the name of your site, so let me know where to look.

Here's a flyer/mailer I made up recently to attract new members.

ShutterAddict Mail copy.jpg


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To get people interested, mention the type of photos you are interested in *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*