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Another spammer question. And concern.


Active member
I just kinda disabled registration , now it's only available to those who first auth through OpenID.
And spammers still get in. WTF?!
The registration form is fully empty , nothing there besides a redirect.
How do they register?


Active member
Got it wrong I guess. Okay so:
There's no way to register , unless you are logging through OpenID ( Steam ) , the default signup page is blank and redirects you to the OpenID (steam) page , after that you put user and done. After that , login could be only done using the OpenID.
The plugin was added 30+ mins ago. Topic posted 12 mins ago , can't check registration date ( can't find it ) altough I think he registered right before his post.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
I didn't know you were wanting to hide registration for the purpose of stopping spammers. That might not work. There are technical reasons why not. But basically you need to setup good Q&A questions or use an addon like XenUtiles.


Active member
It's not only that , I need to require my users to use OpenID anyway , so I thought I can kill two birds with one rock. Guess it didn't work well.