XF 1.1 Annoying thread prefix Style? issue


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Hi all, quick bit of help needed.

I've setup prefixes for a review forum I'm planning on opening, the only niggling problem I've got, is one prefix for some reason messes up the title input box
It drops it down to the next line?
Positive Review and Negative Review work ok
But when using Neutral Review, it breaks the layout:

Normal: normal.png

The broken one: abnormal.png
Hmm weird, I reduced the size of the font from 18 to 16pt and increased the width, now Positive and Neutral are broken, heh

Odd, got all the prefixes working, but the default (No prefix) now has the same problem, oh boy heh
The problem is the width of the style property, combined with the title bar, exceeds the width of one of the containers (IIRC, it is pageWidth for the editor). Basically, you need to reduce the width of the style property some how, or increase the total width.
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