Annoying - new threads skipping pages I have never read (unread threads) ???


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Am i missing something but browsing this forum, when i click a new thread i have never read before, i am getting directed to pages mid way into a multi-page thread of which the first few pages I have never read ??


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Thanks, but 17 pages to read only to find out it's the default way for Xenforo to handle threads I have never read before by directing me to the last post of a multi-page thread. Would be nice if there was a per user preference option to be able to select which method gets used


Unread Thread Title Marker
- Xenforo default - clicking thread title directs to first unread thread/last post regardless if thread has been read before
- Alternate - clicking thread title directs to first page


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You would be better off posting on that thread, which is why I linked to it.
Having multiple threads for the same issue will just create fragmented discussion and/or duplicate posts.