And the boobies shall be your undoing!

Fred Sherman

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The evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigations gathered against an alleged Galveston hacker didn’t come from a techno-chase through the expansive Internet. Instead, the FBI used the information embedded in a photograph of his girlfriend’s breasts.

How could a technology savvy hacker not realize that all digital cameras encode some amount of data within the picture? Cameras with GPS receivers will encode the exact position, time and date where the photo was taken.


Adam Howard

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Should have used an old camera and stripped it clean of all un-needed digital information.

Although it would have been safter altogether not to have used your own photo


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thats crazy man he got pwned by his own pwn wtf thats harsh. i live in beaumont which is 1 hour away from Galveston. thats crazy.

Digital Doctor

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I would have run the image through MS paint taking a screenshot of the photo and then pasting it in MS paint .... that'll get rid of all the data !