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Analytics questions - Awstats / piwik / google

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dean, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Dean

    Dean Well-Known Member

    I use awstats that came in cpanel at this time to get traffic information.
    • What information do programs like google analytics & piwik give that awstats do not?
    • Is there a way for any of them to track by which forums / subforums? e.g. xf.com -> suggestions statistics vs xf.com -> offtopic forums?
    I've looked at some of the documentation, but cannot find anything specifically regarding forums.
  2. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    I've never used Piwik, but Google Analytics offers some valuable tools for me (Mostly their overlay feature for tracking).

    I stated somewhere else, but I also use Mint, which I use for downloads/search and a few other things.
  3. Defqon

    Defqon Member

    can't answer on your 1st question , because i'm using only Piwik ..
    as for the second question , yes , you can track forums / sub-forums and not only that

    forums , subforums and other pages are in bold


    i clicked on "tutorials" sub-forum here and i can see stats of the threads

  4. Princeton

    Princeton Well-Known Member

    Google Analytics - others don't even come close
    1. it has everything that Awstats/piwik offers
    2. easy to implement
    3. integrated with Adsense ( check ad revenue per page / clicks / impressions / ctr / ecpm / etc )
    4. integrated with Adwords ( which ad version has a high ROI / etc )
    5. Goals & Funnels ( measure the effectiveness of your interface / conversions )
    6. Advanced Segments
    7. Custom Reports
    8. Navigation Summary ( how effective is your navigation )
    9. it's free
    10. it's frequently updated by Google ( no need to get your hands dirty )
    11. etc, etc

    Navigation Summary



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  5. Max Hodges

    Max Hodges Member

    can you possibly help me setup my completion goal in GA for new registrations?
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  6. Max Hodges

    Max Hodges Member

    Is this the right page to target for registration goals?

  7. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    AWSTATS is a useless overall program for website analytics. AWSTATS is a statistical software, and extremely inaccurate, as it just measures everything, including bots. Google provide analytics, which are far different from statistics. Analytics allow you to track your users through your website, shows you your strengths and weaknesses, so you know what not to touch, and what needs improvement, ie. 90% of people hit this page and stay for x time to read it vs. 90% of people hit this page and leave immediately.

    You cannot tell any type of analytical analysis from AWSTATS.

    Whilst there are better programs that use your raw log files, which provide better accuracy than Google could, they are also expensive vs. Google is free. If you use Adwords, Google is directly tapped into their own software for tracking.
  8. cdub

    cdub Well-Known Member

    What settings did you use for the goal funnel - I set mine up but it says zero completions when I know I've gotten a bunch of new registrations
  9. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    It does not add up your stats across multiple years. Awstats does not tally up the amount of keytypes of the keyword. It does to an extent, but not as clear as Google. On top of that, Awstats while a great program for stats tracking, it's kind of confusing to see exactly where your visitors are coming from. Google provides a clear, concise look at your traffic source, and your exits.
    Google allows for tallying up pageviews for each forum/page, whereas, awstats does it within' limitations. It doesn't tell you the percentage of visitors are new, or returning. It doesn't tell you a lot about the page. On the flipcoin, Google doesn't tell you where the visitors are coming from on each page view. Not a lot of server software technologies do. Its something that needs solving.

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