XF 2.2 AMP pages and Google News sitemap


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I've been accepted for Google News and my news pages are appearing on the Google News app but not via the "News" tab on Google.com itself. I'd imagine I would need an AMP page as well as a Google News sitemap. Anyone familiar with any of these and have integrated it with XenForo itself? I'm looking for some help. Please get in touch, thanks.


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No more AMP requirements for Top Stories​

You can find another interesting tidbit regarding the page experience update. Google will no longer require AMP for getting your news pages in the Top Stories section. Now, any well-built, Google News-validated site can aim for that top spot. Page experience will become a ranking factor for Top Stories, so your site better be good.
The writing has been on the while for some time now. AMP is headed for obsolescence.