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NixFifty submitted a new resource:

AMP for XenForo - Add support for the AMP Project to your XenForo forum.

This add-on provides a flexible framework for you to add AMP-support to your forums.

Under the hood, it provides alternative templates (suffixed with _amp) that meet AMP's strict validation requirements. These templates can be modified at will to offer different experiences for your AMP users versus regular ones. AMP'd versions of pages are available at a specific link and this link is exposed to Google.

Out of the box the add-on will attempt to provide an AMP'd version of your...

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Should do. If not, I can always take a lookie.
Ok, but the price of the plugin is too high to buy it just a shot in the dark.. So I have few question :)

You are using the default template: Fire HDX).pn vs
If I understand correctly, are these two separate templates?

Is it possible with my forum: ?

Is it possible to create a dark AMP theme?

Is home page not in AMP or just Google has not updated the data in SERP?


I appreciate your efforts.
However, it did not work well on Xenith style from ThemeHouse. Actually, it is giving me the same results as bd cache, which is totally a mess.

Here is the test link:

I tried to switch the language from Arabic to English. It gave me much better results, but still not acceptable, unfortunately.
So maybe this add-on does not have support for RTL languages.
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Yeah, I haven’t had this used on RTL sites so this is a first. Give me a bit to look in to it and I’ll see what can be done. Seems like pretty straightforward fixes though so shouldn’t be too tricky. :)


Does anybody know how to set the logo and title?


The amp page is:


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I'll be interested in buying this in my XF 2.0 transition, or at least once it becomes a more stable experience. +1 for the work here