Among Us tournament with $500 grand prize


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Happy Monday, y'all! My company, Audentio, is throwing a super fun event in December I thought I'd share!

We thought it would be fun to get together with the community and play a fun, casual game of Among Us. In place of a traditional entry fee, we will be requiring everyone who participates to donate what they can to St. Jude Children's Hospital. Not only that, but Audentio will be offering a $250 cash prize and $250 in-store credit with us as the grand prize!

When is the event?
The event will take place on December 5th, with the event start time TBD.

How to get the game?
  1. Available on Steam for $4.99
  2. Download the iOS or Android app for free and play on your mobile device instead
Is it free to join?
We aren't requiring a traditional entry fee but encourage anyone who participates to donate whatever they can to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Sign up now and be the best amongst the other challengers! Spots are limited -- so grab your friends and join today!

Register here now!

We'd love for you to also consider signing up for our Audentio Gaming newsletter to keep updated on future events :) We hope to make this event one of many in the future :)
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Hey all! With a little more than a week left before the event, we have just a few more open spots to fill. We appreciate all the responses so far so don't forget to register in time if you're interested!

The event start time has been updated to 7 pm CST.

Register here now!
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