Amazon SES - Should I use "MAIL FROM" option?

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Better you should ask yourself.

I prefer instead of someone else.

Its a pride and user security pov also.

If x is using my forum an recieve mail from a ses domain
User might feel bad and you might loose users due to it.

If x using my forum and recieve mail with my forum domain - they will feel secure and trust more.

What if gmail send there mail using yahoomai and state it is send by google.

People will loose interest in gmail

I dont know are u talking abiut this or something else.

But if your question is correctly understood by me, then my example might give u correct answer.

If i who own domain feels x name would give more importance then, i m accepting x is superior than me and people like superior so if you make your domain inferior then i dont havw words for it.

If xF sends me mail from Ases then xF will lose its brand value, as i will think cant xF afford mails at his domain name. The point using xF then will be my lowest priority.