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Amazon [Deleted]


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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Amazon - Shows Amazon widget in sidebar while viewing a thread.


Shows Amazon widget in sidebar while viewing a thread.

The following link is a live example:


(Example of Amazon widget in sidebar - Pic 1)

View attachment 77231
(Example of Ebay link in visitor tab - Pic 2)

View attachment 77232

(Example of eBay link - Pic 3)

View attachment 77233
(Example of Admin page - Pic 4)

View attachment 77234

(Example of Options page - Pic 5)...
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Live Free

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A few questions:

- What exactly is the difference between the random/specific setting?
- Is there or will there be a way to distinquish between us/.co.uk users, or at least hide from the wrong ones?
- how can I adjust the height of the widget?
- Is it possible to adjust the position of the widget in the sidebar?


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Hi there, I realized this also does not work on 1.2.5 lol installed and no show. To bad was really wanting to use these.
Will have to wait until I upgrade .:(

Rho Delta

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So does this work like "Similar Threads" where it reads keywords in the title or on the page posts and finds related products automatically for that thread? Because that would be insanely awesome.