Amazing, upgrade worked after 7 years


A long, long time ago, I started a website and I used a forums software from a competitor... and someone asked "why on Earth aren't you using XenForo?"

Fast forward nearly a decade. My website has been sitting defunct for awhile... my XenForo version was 1.4.6. I'm receiving random PHP error messages. "Oh boy... time to delete my forums" I think to myself. There'll be no way in hell to upgrade 7 years worth. It'll be a complete and total nightmare, and will probably scramble my whole webserver, and require lots of hacks and workarounds, it'll probably take all weekend just to try to save some old archived posts.

Nope. Took 10 minutes:

-Purchased new 1-year for $55.
-Downloaded the absolute latest upgrade package.
-Uploaded it to my server.
-Ran install
-Boom. 10 minutes later I'm viewing my old forums.

Unbelievable. Everyone else that offers low-cost LAMP stack software makes upgrading absolutely horrible. Thank you, XenForo!
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