Altering Text Under Avatar


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I'm going to allow Product Reps to be on the Forums and I would like to have their Avatar state that they are product reps. How do I get that information listed under the avatar.

I created a custom field for them to fill out upon registration, but I don't know how to get that into the Avatar...
Is there a mod to display any of the user fields and trophies in a row under their signature? Problem with putting them under the avatar is that if you have 5 of them it artifically extends the width of a post. In my forum for example, users want to see at a glance: User Location, Make, Model, Year, Length of their boat, and trophies. That is 6 rows of text, which when added to Title and the avatar turns a 2 line post into 2 lines of text and 8-12 lines of blank space.