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Since Doberman-Chat.Com has moved from vB4 to XF.. I cant say we ever regretted the decision to move to a powerful modern forum solution.. But a little history on the site.. In 2008 we started on and IPB Free platform and after learning the ropes i wanted something i had more control over so we moved to IPB something or another (i forget the specific build #) Only a few short months later i worked a deal to affiliate and share resources with a similar forum PitBull-Chat.Com This forund us switching platforms once again to vB3.8..

After a bit more then a year we made the plunge to move to the vB4.0 series and after that everything went downhill.. Yhe 4.0 software was totally blowing our server to pieces.. So we began looking for other solutions again..

Enter XenForo.. We jumped on this before it was even declared stable with zero regrets.. I am again finding Administrating forums once again fun.. Moving to XF saved our VPS from blowing itself to pieces and bought us another year without having to expand our hosting package..

Anyways the sites style has mostly always looked the same.. The members like it (Mostly) so we wont be changing anything there..

Doberman Chat is a community forum to discuss Doberman Pinschers (alternately spelled Dobermann) and topics about health, training, events, rescue, breed specific legislation and history. Forums provide education by discussion among experienced Doberman Pinscher dog breed owners and lovers. But we are having fun with the modification system and of course the great mod devolopers that make all our communities unique.

We purposly have mostly tried to leave the commercial software in tact to help our members feel comfortable.. If its was modified beyond recognition i feel it makes it more difficult for new members to discover the learning curves from software to software..

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Site looks great.

I am having a small issue with the slider. My monitor is 1280 (Width) x 1024 (Height).

I like the Logo.

One tweak might be .... the blue dash on the blue background makes the dash "harder" to see. Where ... in actual fact, you *really* want people to remember the dash ! Ya don't want people going to :)
One solution would be to have the entire title in Orangey-Yellow. The smaller font in the is enough to emphasize the word DOBERMAN :)