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Allow Visitors to view but not enter certain forums

I have a certain section where i would like visitors to know these forums exist so I want them to view. But I don't want them to be able to get inside of them or see anything inside until they register.

Can't find this permission anywhere.


Well-known member
Create Private node.
Change usergroup permissions for this node (unregistered/registered/etc) to 'view node' yes. Leave all others blank

Actually that is already built into xenforo.. I don't want them to actually be able to get into it. I have a forum discount code that is displayed right under description. So i would need a little more than just not showing threads.

Unless that first example allows that. Will it even let you in the forum, if not what happens when they try to click through?


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View node allows visitors to see the Forum or Category
the next 2 permissions (View threads by others & view content) control whether a visitor can see just the thread titles in the node and finally if they can see the content. Works fine
I have it set to your permissions and it still shows title and description. I don't want it to since it has a discount code right below. Like I said, I don't need to hide threads, it is the entire forum really.

I still however want people to view forum from index.


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Oh, I get it now.
I don't know that you can hide just the description. Have you tried putting the description in a conditional?
dismissable or not... the notice is still visible just like my condition at the moment. I am already using notices for the main part of forum and rather not have a ton of notices, it looks messy.