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Allow members to join/part specific user groups - $100


Hi all,

I'm hoping to find a developer willing to create this addon for a small fee. $100 seems fair, but if you disagree based on something I didn't consider, feel free to make suggestions.

I would like to create a special usergroup and then allow my forum users to join/leave this group themselves. This would allow me to have opt-in features of the website without having to handle hundreds of requests for access.

Scenario 1:
I have a NSFW section of the forums (well, had, i'm trying to bring it back). We have found it helpful to keep anything questionable segregated into it's own area so that users don't have it thrust upon them (so to speak) unwittingly, as well as keeping our google page rank high by not having adult content visible. By allowing the user to join the NSFW usergroup, I could then use usergroup permissions to keep the general public (and google) from seeing the contents of the subforum.

Scenario 2:
I'd like to allow my users to help me beta test new features. The easiest way I can think of would be to allow them to join a BETA usergroup, and then in my templates I could simply check their account against said usergroup. My testing base is increased without disrupting the average user.

User viewpoint:
User navigates to their /account/ preferences (somewhere in there) and sees a field entitled Usergroup Management or similar. Under there they will see JOIN or LEAVE buttons (or even a simple checkbox) next to the names of the Usergroups I have enabled for this mod. They click the appropriate button, and the change is made to the account.

Admin viewpoint:
From the admin options page, a list of all existing usergroups with multi-select enabled. Or, if that's difficult, a text box with comma separated values of usergroup ID's would suffice.

That's it. Everything else will be handled via XF subforum group permissions.

Anyone willing to take this project on?


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I'll do this if I can find time. Sounds fairly simple and what is done in many forums by default.

Annoy me by bumping or something if I haven't done it after a while and no one else has... I have a lot of work and forget things :p


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Ah sweet. Will you release it? It is something I can see myself using in the future.


Just to be sure we're all (the other interested users^^) talking about the same^^

1. Admin have a option where he can config the usergroups, which are accessable.
2. User have a account page where he can see the groups configured by the admin, where he can join/leaf

pls ignore the typo (leafe)^^