XF 1.3 allow a diffrent message when a user is sent a thread needing certain permissions

now this would really help my forum..

like if a user sends a link to another user or a friend that you need to be a VIP member or have special permissions to access it

such as this:

is there something that will allow me to change the way this is handled?

auto detect where the links is pointing to say a the VIP section

i want the error to say you must first subscribe to VIP to view this section and then having a link to to the user upgrades section.

and if it is a guest trying to view it it would save the same thing but also include you must first register as well

i also want the you must first register error to show to guests when viewing public threads if i have set that restriction in permissions.

and if that link was pointing to a moderator section it would say you need to be int he user group of moderators to access this section..

so how would one do such a thing? with auto detection depending to where that thread or section that user may be trying to access?

also off topic, if some one or i by accident deleted the unregisted/guest user group and the default registered, Admin User groups what would happen would it give me an error unable to delete?

would these default group be protected?

or how would i recreate them?

because i know they are linked to the core system of xenforo these default user groups..