Lack of interest Alert to all mods and admins when a warning is issued


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ATM when a warning is issued no one else on the mod/admin team know about it.

Please can a warning also prompt an alert to all mods and admins (or some combination based on settings in ACP)?

This way the whole team can be kept abreast of who is warning who and for what.

Shaun :D


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I like to know when my mods are issuing warnings, and often discuss issued warnings amongst the moderation team after the fact.

Increasing visibility of warnings will help avoid the situation where two mods warn a user for borderline trolling and end up auto-banning him without giving them a chance to fix their behaviour.

This suggestion is for notification options to be added to the warning system's config page including:
- create thread in forum
- PC named user
- email named user


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Thought I might be missing it. Can a mod please move this thread to the suggestions thread and rename it to "[Suggestion] Warning Notifications".