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Lack of interest Alert Sorting


Well-known member
Would it be possible to create some kind of alert sorting functionality for this page, whereby we can filter/order by things such as type, date, new/old.

This would then allow people with 200-300 unread alerts to quickly filter by type and omit any alerts that are related to liking (you don't really need to read them) but prioritise ones such as quoting.


Well-known member
What's the point? Alerts are usually removed from that page after a short amount of time (it's not a permanent list), and it's not often someone actually views that page, is it?


Well-known member
If I was to get a whole bunch of alerts, I'd want to be able to sort through them to prioritise.

It'd be crucial to visit that page if you received a whole bunch of alerts overnight, especially over something like 20..