*Alert me* if you do this - distributed method of informing people who want to know

Digital Doctor

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Someone said they were going to do something.
I thought of this when I read this:

Well, what I would like to see would be a way to be Alerted when
You would be registering for an Alert (maybe you could choose email or Alert or Facebook!)


I think this could be a way for people to come back to your site .... and be alerted to come back when something THEY want gets done ! They'd probably be excited to come back !

Everyone wants a way to get "Infrequent visitors" to come back from time to time .... and this is a way for them to get the information they want (which they would probably forget)(and information in most forums is impossible to find) as soon as it is done ! Nevermind Newsletters they aren't interested in .... get them back for what they WANT !

Certainly this is an "Ad Hoc" way for people to communicate about things getting accomplished (other uses I am sure)
(actually I think the Mike and Kier would like this ! - Hey Kier, alert me when you get that code done - Mike).
The power in this could be it could be very granular (specific).

That Getting Things Done (GTD) guru man David Allen would probably love this !

It would also help posters to gauge the level of interest in an idea (more signups = more
Maybe a "Silent Alert" signup would help, you want to be alerted, but dont want your name showing up.

It is also very much in the spirit of Xenforo's Like.

Digital Doctor

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I've seen more instances where an "Alert Me" would help keep everyone informed.
Forinstance, the Wordpress Bridge is broken for the new Wordpress 3.0.4.
People want to know when it's ready.
They could sign up for an alert me !

Of course, a future Alert Me ... might work such that:
"Notify me when the Wordpress Bridge is compatible with the new Wordpress version" ....
so you can avoid upgrading Wordpress until you know it's compatible !


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That Getting Things Done (GTD) guru man David Allen would probably love this !
Hello DD,

I am definitely in need of more functionality that indeed Get's Things Done for me as a manager/admin of my own platform. I know it's not quite the same (don't want to distract your thread
), but I just suggested this: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/task-manager.10479. The title 'Task Manager' is maybe a bit broader then my initial suggestion in that thread, but what I badly need is a way for a Moderator to alert me on a posting/task that is buried somewhere inside an extensive 7-page thread. So instead of signing up for an alert, I need a Moderator to be able to press a button [Alert Staff] from within a posting and select a Staff Member to be alerted.

I am definitely in need of much more content-management tools.

Digital Doctor

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Me too but with the way we currently use vB, we need pre-fixes before we can make the change.
Great info Andy.N, thanks for sharing!
A use for this for Xenforo.com would be all these people who says things like:
"I'd buy Xenforo if it only had" ...
  • prefixes
  • custom profile entries
  • a gallery
  • etc.
Essentially groups of people could sign up for an alert regarding when their "essential" feature was ready.
It should help sales as people would be informed immediately when their missing feature was completed.

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Isn't this similar to watching a thread?
Hmmm. Interesting Point. I think that just means it should be easy to implement !

Making a new thread .... let's call it an "Alert me thread" would work, but it takes the Alert out of the context of the discussion.
It's also kind of "Spammy" to create a new thread for such a small goal.

I also felt that multiple alerts in one post would often be helpful.
I'll try to explain more later.


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especially for very new forums, I think users need to get more e-mail-notifications in order to make users come back to the site.

So a function for users to receive information for each new post on the forum would be great.
Also, there are currently no e-mail-notifications to the user when someone makes a post at the users profile.

There is still room for improvement on XF for features like this.

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you have watch thread at the top of every post! all you have to do is alter the phrase? to say, something like "Alert Me", and "Un-Alert Me"
But I would want options for many alerts in any post.

Alert me when the next public beta is
Alert me when a new version is released
Alert me with New News on the issue
Alert me when this developer releases another addon.