AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule?


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I know quite a few around here use Apple products and probably have some experience with their network accessories. As I'm kinda moving my ecosystem to Apple, I was considering improving my home network to Gigabit wireless for transfers and other things.

How reliable is AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule (2TB)? Are they worth the price or should I look for other solutions for the network and NAS? Maybe something even cheaper and better? I personally enjoy the build quality of Apple products and their warranties, but I'm really interested in making sure it's good move in general.

Edit: After some more research I noticed Time Capsule comes with its own Wi-Fi Base Stations so I'll be grabbing one of those, should work great for the home network and what I need.
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I have two Apple Extremes (2011 & 2013). Only annoyance is Apple's firmware updates that remove excellent functionality (compatibility with other vendors network products). A lot of work arounds, unless you go all Apple and do not care about price point. None of my Apple hardware has failed me, nor caused me any major problems in network activity, btw.