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Biker and I were having a discussion over at XenAdmins in regards to liability of a site and it turned into an idea for the resource manager. When an author submits a resource, they should have the ability to input their own terms. When someone clicks to download said resource, a dialogue would show that they would have to click 'Agree' to begin the download. It would also allow the site owner to specify their own terms to add to each individual resource's terms.

I know many of us just scroll through and click 'Agree', but that would provide at least an additional level of safety for resource providers and site owners.

Of course, any additional thoughts are welcomed in this discussion. :)
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IPB offer this in their IP.Downloads addon. Whenever you go to download a resource, you have to agree to the terms and only then are you directed to the download page for each item. I think it does go some way to giving peace of mind, for the site housing the resource (if nowhere else) that the downloader will not then come screaming at them when something breaks because of a third party mod they've downloaded.


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I usually add it to the release part of the thread regardless. But this would be a good addition to include imo.

Edit: may have misread, may not have I'll let you be the judge. :D