After Import => user's post counters are at 0


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I just upgraded a wbb3 via vb4 to XF. Working fine for now, but all user's post counters show 0 posts.

How can I fix that?

The cron job running every 10 minutes doesn't do it. Did I miss something?

Thanks :)


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- Search index
- Thread information (including checkbox)
- Polls
- Forum information
- user information

Non of those does the job. Still only have "1 message" - the one I just posted for testing purposes.


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The global user and post counts are updated via a cron job (Rebuild Board Totals Counter) every 10 minutes.

Are the posts actually showing in the relevant forums?


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According to XF's crontab, the cronjob ran fine every 10 minutes.

Total users/threads/messages in the sidebar at the main page are showing correct. But if you go into a profile (or online-list), it's 0 messages for each user (unless that user posted a message).

Is there maybe an option that posts from a forum do not increment user post-count?


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There is no feature such as that.

So there are users online now who have posts from the old forum and yet their post count is still showing 0 after a period of time?
But if they make a new post their post count increments to 1?


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Hmmm, I don't believe anyone has reported an error such as this before.
I'll do some searching to see if it has.

Did you check the data after importing to vB4 first?
Was it all correct?
It's possible the data was not imported correctly from your WBB3 forum initially.

Have you got a link to the forum or is it a local installation?

Post count can be set manually in the ACP, but it would require a script to do it for all members. How many are there?


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I've got 95 members. URL is:
As far as I concerned, Impex (from vb) does never import such things like post counter. But in vB you can rebuild them.

So this query gives me the number of posts for each user, so I can set column "message_count" to "posts", right?
SELECT user_id, COUNT(*) AS posts
FROM xf_post
GROUP BY user_id