XF 2.1 After deleting and rebuilding parent node, torrents automatically hide themselves


New member
As the title says, I deleted and am rebuilding a node of about 200 child threads, all torrents. When I upload a torrent, I'm finding some of the oldest torrents are automatically hiding themselves. They can still be downloaded on the index page through clicking the download button, but are only seen when viewing and editing the thread.

The work around I've done is copying the .torrent file when editing the post, and creating a hyperlink that can be seen in the original post. This leaves the site with some viewable torrents and some hyperlinks and isn't clean looking when browsing.

Why are these torrents becoming hidden as I add more? This was never a problem before I deleted and started to rebuild the parent node they all belong to. It's like I am working against myself, for everyone one I re-add, another gets taken off in the back of the line.

I tried searching for a solution and have come up empty. Thank you, regards